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The home of Janne Enberg, aka. Lietu

Welcome to my homepage. Here I have collected some information about myself, who I am, and what I can do. These pages use a bit of JavaScript to deliver (hopefully) a slightly better user experience. I decided I will give free access with the MIT license to all the source code for this site, in case anyone wants to use it, but mostly so you can see a few example lines of code I've written. You can find the source code in my GitHub project page

The pages have been designed to work with modern browsers, e.g. recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. If you are using some other browser and the site doesn't look nice, too bad, get a real browser. If you are using a recent version of a modern browser and have issues, please let me know and I might fix it.

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If you need to contact me for any reason, you're welcome to do so. Below you can find some information on how to get in touch with me.

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